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Welcome to my new blog.

This is the first blog I’ve ever created and I hope to post many, many more in the future. My aim is to post as often as I can in order to keep Everton fans updated on all things relevent to this fantastic football club. Please feel free to add any comments, photos and anecdotes which you may have. As the club moves forward under the guidance of Roberto Martinez I hope to find many more proud Blues out there who will share the excitement I feel for our great club and look forward to a brighter future for us. I will try to post as much information on all things Irish which relate to Everton including facts from the past, present and future. I hope to develop a meeting point for Toffees everywhere to share their views and opinions on our wonderful club, and look forward to hearing from you all. This blog will not be restricted to just Everton fans, as we are known as “The People’s Club” for a reason…we’ll even welcome comments from any Reds who feel the need to air their views!!


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